My life for the past 3-4 years had been mentally very stressful, taking a heavy toll on my health. I was tired, my body ached all over, I was depressed and

Had an over-all feeling of being ‘felt on edge’. Due to my lack of health I felt guiltly of my lack of energy to spend quality time with my family adding to my predicament. For help I went from one Doctor’s office to the next, private Health Practitioners and in the end I came home with anti-depressants, hormones and anti-inflammatories only adding to my fears and pain. Nothing worked and no one could help..

Then I found Jennifer!

She has been been helping me for the past six weeks and I am virtually out of pain. My lower back and neck is finally pain free without the help of any pharmaceuticals. My mood has improved to the delight of my husband and my batteries are charging up. I can hop out of bed in the morning feeling fresh and rested.

I am over all much more positive and joyful and have finally found my way back to being me again!

I can't say enough good things about Jennifer. 

Her in depth knowledge of the human body and it's connection to the mind is amazing to me and I could listen to her all day. I have learned so much that I am now able to really help myself. 

She patiently explains, illustrations and skeleton at hand, they way the human body works and where we are tight and can't let go. We can truly learn to understand, and start to change fundamental weaknesses

in our body and strengthen ligaments and muscles to support our self's in the correct way so our bodies can move more freely and pain free.

Juliette CA 

Jennifer Sharpe grew up traveling the world three times over, living in India, Australia and all over the US. Her dream is and has always been working with horses, weight training and experiencing this life to the fullest. She uses the intuition she has gained from her experiences, meditation and a gift from horses -- listening. She brings the best of herself to give you the toughest workout!

 With Jennifer, you experience a different world of insight, strength and truth.

Jennifer has:

Coached Naval Academy Jr. Swim Program, Annapolis. MD

Developed Master Swim Team to a National Level Team. Annapolis, MD

Powerlifted under instructor and world record holder; Mark Chalet, MD

Writer for the Health and Fitness industry

Lectured for Bay Area Corporations, a guest speaker for the convention for Applied Kinesology, Broadcast TV, and has been a four-time guess speaker on your greater health and conditioning

Fitness Trainer for the singing group ‘Destiny’s Child’

Worked with Orthopedic Clinics for the Equestrian Rider, Golfers, elite runners, surfers, corporations 

Pilates Instructor

Specialized in Orthopedic Conditioning for the Injured Athlete, Miami, FL and CA

Worked with clients for the PGA Tour Sports Physician for Core dysfunction and Orthopedic corrections

Traine/ride Dressage horses

5 time International Writer for Core Conditioning for Equestrian Riders/Nutrition/how to train the Dressage Riders for CHEK Practitioners for several magazines like Horse & Rider, Practical Horseman, Polo Players Edition (October 2007), Riding Magazine (Jan 2012), C.H.E.K. Report, newspapers.

Her sports include;

Powerlifter, bodybuilder, Dressage Rider, Swimmer (open water competitor and pool), surfer, pistol shooting, marathons, Triathlons, etc.

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