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Jennifer Sharpe sees clients 7 days a week

I not only know of those who have lost weight and gotten into the best shape of their lives with Jennifer,

 but I know first hand from working with her that she has an uncanny ability to see whats misalligned in one's body structure and posture and what exactly what must be done to allign one's self and find one's physical centering and balance.  This ability results in the eradication of seemingly mysterious and stubborn aches, pains and strains in the body and creates a healthy and more physically empowered you.  She is clearly a natural and yet also keeps herself quite knowledgeable by staying abreast of and employing traditional and cutting edge approaches!  Mostly, I was amazed and her supernatural body sense...i.e., a unique and keen intuition she draws from as she helps to rebuild a new and improved you.

Blessings...Sioux S.

To whom it may concern,

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jennifer Sharpe by a long standing client after being injured in a car accident. She was recommended to me not only as an experienced physical therapist to work through my recovery with but also as a great motivational life coach, both statements which I found to be true.

Not only did she provide me with excellent physical therapy throughout my rehabilitation process she also gave me a new insight in how to lead a healthier life through better nutrition and exercise. Always positive, always on time, always prepared to get to work, she was always a true professional.

Many of her lessons I still recite daily.

Professionally and personally, I cannot recommend Jennifer Sharpe’s services to you highly enough.

Yours truly, Patrick Lo Chiatto


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