Nutrition Vitality Life Coach

JS Strength & Conditioning training specializes in creating lean, strong bodies. Each client receives specific and personalized exercises, with strict instruction on how to perform each exercise. You learn how many sets and repetitions, when to exercise and how often, to achieve your goals.

Jennifer Sharpe employs a winning training formula of Metabolic typing, Life Coaching, along with a personalized detailed and planned schedule.

You will be tested to determine the food combinations that work for you. And which foods you need to avoid.

 Your food choices are planned and written in 

detail for personal success.

With the concentration on

·      Decreasing body fat

·      Decrease disease progression

·      Increase personal power and vitality

·      Enhancing YOU

Vitality Coaching gives you the package that leads to your balanced through the direction of behavior modifications, stress relief and goal setting.  Jennifer Sharpe does not include ‘quick-fixes’- which never work long term- but critically analyzes current research and theories on how health, sleep, stress, nutrition, digestion and exercise are all inter-related, working to reestablish vitality. 

Jennifer is with you every step to ensure you reach your goals!

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