After an extensive questionnaire about my lifestyle and eating habits, Jennifer put together a complete nutrition program, designed especially for me. This has made a huge difference in my energy levels and overall well being. 

I feel so much better already and I am finally able to look into the future with new found enthusiasm and riding again.

                    Thank you, Jennifer, you have been a great help and inspiration. 

                    Yours truly, Hengartner 

Training You the Client

Jennifer Sharpe combines the knowledge of orthopedics, exercise prescription, performance conditioning and alternative healthcare modalities providing a holistic, integrative perspective

A postural assessment and spinal alignment to prescribe the rehabilitative programs for individual needs by using in-depth advanced level of functional anatomy and kinesiology preventing wear and tear on joints.

Beginning any conditioning program, posture misalignments and instabilities will be evaluated and then given a prescribed corrective exercise. Ideal posture allows for optimal distribution of loads throughout the musculoskeletal system.  Muscle testing for strength and balance is performed to determine stabilization and strength between the core and extremities. It is necessary to identify limiting factors unlocking new potential. In combination with a musculoskeletal assessment, performance assessment and a physiological load assessment will provide JS Strength & Conditioning with enough information to take the everyday worker to even the most elite client to the next level.

 Assessments include:

·      Comprehensive Assessment

·      Muscle length/tension

·      Range of motion

·      Postural analysis

·      Abdominal function and strength

·      Circadian health

·      Stress zones

·      Parasites and fungus 

Each client is different, different in function, thinking, and goals so each program needs to cater these differences. Jennifer drawls upon ALL the physical studies of movement. All of Jennifer designed programs correct imbalances in posture, movement, improving core strength.

So expect the unexpected!

Jennifer Sharpe  Alameda, CA 94502   #510.523-4833

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