One month of Full Body Reconditioning 

Physical assessment/core strength and coordinating testing

Postural alignment

Stretching/rehabilitation Program based on assessments

Workout Program for conditioning

Nutrition protocol to gain muscle while losing fat

Amino acid/supplement chart to relieve symptoms, cravings and increase energy- naturally 

Includes 15 hours of one on one time within a 30 day period, comes with a complete; nutrition meal planning, supplement program, corrective stretching/rehabilitation and strength training program coupled with exercises to develop correct posture and core training. 


Amino Acid therapy

Mental and diet deficiency Assessment  

Bring your mental focus, reduce depression, emotional stress and cure diet cravings and reducing the need for over eating all by balancing serotontin levels-naturally.

includes 2 hours of one on one time within a one week period and a personalized amino acid protocol. 


Assessments of postural, movement, pain relief and a rehabilitation program.

Includes 6 hours of one on one time within a 30 day period and an written individualized program of corrective exercise protocols based on client’s assessment. 


Phone/Skype consultation

Answering all your health and wellness needs. Understanding what is the best protocol is only a phone call away.

Blocks of 30 minutes


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