“The Language of the Soul”

2nd Chakra

By Jennifer Sharpe



Rising from the root Chakra the 2nd Chakra expands out ward, producing the first major shift of consciousness, the first in the duality of masculine and feminine, mind and body, and inner and outer experiences. The 2nd Chakra is located at the sacral plexus in the lower abdomen just below the naval. The purpose at this stage is about movement and connection, to feel, have pleasure, creativity, connecting us to the inner source of inspiration, experience beauty around us, emotional and physical nourishment. To move forward easily and effortlessly while exploring the world. For here, when balanced, life is pleasurable and celebrated.


Sight, sound, touch, taste, and hearing are all the senses of the 2nd Chakra. It is the language of feeling, giving us the emotional experiences through the flow of pleasure of being alive, and the validation of our emotional experiences connecting us to the world. These are the gateway between internal and external world, where senses are the data input of our overall system allow us to connect and give meaning to our experience. The second Charka’s mission statement is: I feel, I sense, I discover. Here we are encouraged to feel the feelings that arise as we open to life just as it is. We allow ourselves to accept what is, to taste the sweetness (and bitter sweetness) of life. When we relax our resistance to life and become in touch with our feelings, our hips let go, and we're open to experiencing our sensuality and sexuality. Then there is clarity and we can know our soul’s desire. This invites the primordial energy to flow upwards.


Chakra forms from the age of 6 months to the age of 2 years old. We take our first walking steps with delight, developing a sense of independence. At the same time when we fall, we develop a sense of reassurance that everything will be fine. This reassurance of comes from our parent providing a pleasurable and safe experience of the outer world. When it is safe we move and explore, and when something is not safe we learn to avoid and move away. Through the safety provided by our mothers we can let go and flow freely, eventually allowing us to separate from our mothers. This is the healthy bond between mother and child.


How did we get here?

Imbalances occur when we are rejected as a child, a lack of true attention at an early age, or when a parent frowns upon pleasure as a waste of energy, when life itself is thought of hard, when there is no laughter and play within the family. When children live in fear of punishment or gifts have strings attached to the very core of our being. When a mother is not secure within herself, she gives her child the mirror image; the child absorbs these emotions on a nonverbal level. This emotions become biochemically anchored into the musculature and are beyond the control of the conscious mind.

As adults we push ourselves, constantly having the need to accomplish, judgment of others, extreme behavior, if regulated by guilt one becomes brittle and fragile creating strong defenses, physical weight struggles, aiming for flawless behavior, and looking for rules to feel ‘safe’. When there is pain or emptiness within the 2nd Chakra our senses shut down- we withdraw and move backward. Life forces are limited and we have the inability to protect oneself and are easily ruled by the emotions of others. When imbalances are present we abuse drugs, drink, avoiding responsibility, overeat, anorexia, bulimia, addiction, bipolar and depression. These imbalances never satisfy our longing for the primary pleasure, leading us to crave more forming a basis for addictions.

When pleasure is restricted or denied we disown our right to the flow of life, yet guilty for wanting it, and ashamed of having it. We manipulate ourselves into the center of attention of others, invade other’s boundaries, project righteousness, show passive stubbornness, and focus on sex too much without the presence of a love that honors the depth of the soul’s beautiful language. We are robbed of grace and the true source of our power, chasing our dreams, violating our wholeness.


 Just as we try to block off our undesired emotion we see the polarities become stronger. When we become needy- we marry someone who is cold and withholding, when we become quiet- we end up with a noisy flatmate. When we reject our feelings we criticize others, have tantrums, we fear those we are emotional for this awakens our rejected emotions within us chasing us in our dreams and healthy boundaries are lost. And the more we run away from our emotions- we lose the experience of the world, from the gateway from our transformations of our quest of the story or our soul’s journey.

Needs are nonnegotiable, we all need to held and told that everything is OK, that we can experience the world and not lose ourselves in the process. We need to know that we are safe and supported, and we are all in this together as one.

To heal we must go back to the earlier memories of those who rejected us and say to ourselves that we amazing and perfect just the way we are. To know that we alone are beautiful, whole and that our true nature is enough. We go to a place in our hearts to feel love again. We start by placing our hands on the 2nd Chakra (just below the navel) and meditate, listen to your feelings and emotions. Exercise often, and ask yourself “What am I feeling?”, and “How would I like to spend the day with myself?”. You will find that you have had feelings all along, you just couldn’t hear them. Filter the world through the realm of feeling and the senses that are whole. And know that the language of the soul is spoken through the body for we have the strength to be fulfilled and complete.

With Great Love,  Jennifer Sharpe

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